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Achiever Carlin Barnes, M.D.
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Achiever Ro’Kiesha Grigsby
Achiever Shemarian Guidry
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Charter Members of the Bayou City Chapter of Houston

Founder - Dr. Maudest Walls Stewart* 

Achiever Kathryn McLaurin, J.D.
Achiever Quinella Minix-Williams, Ed.D.
Achiever Shante’ Moore
Achiever Chiniqua Pettaway
Achiever Be’Atrice Randall, J.D.
Achiever Veronica Rice
Achiever Owida Stuart
Achiever Evett Turner
Achiever Tameka White

National History

 A grand and noblewoman, Madame Maudest Walls Stewart, of Houston, Texas in 1975 had a long time dream of a legacy for tremendous opportunities for our women to make outstanding contributions to the welfare of one another, our youth, and our country. Based on this premise, Madame Stewart shared her dream and invited a group of women to her home who had achieved in various fields for the formation of this organization. The women who assembled at the request of her invitation were Mesdames Josie B. Taylor, Ozell Taylor Johnson, Eddie M. Johnson, Stella Collins, Lorene B. Lancelin, Judge Alice A. Bonner, and Dr. Hortense W. Dixon. The history of National Women of Achievement, Inc. documents these seven women as charter members of this organization. Achievers Maudest Walls Stewart, Josie B. Taylor, Dr. Hortense W. Dixon, Lorene B. Lancelin, Stella Collins, and Eddie M. Johnson are now deceased.

On February 7, 1975, according to the minutes of the first meeting, these women and the Founder began a movement for thinking, planning, and growing. The first subject for consideration was to establish the purpose for which these women had banded themselves – to encourage youth and women to strive for excellence, to maintain high moral and ethical standards, and to make outstanding contributions in the fields of medicine, law, religion, business, politics, music, education, dentistry and other career fields of their choice. From that day, February 7, 1975, the birthday of National Women of Achievement, Achievers thought together, planned together, and reached decisions together that they might render the highest service to one another, our youth, and our country.

National Women of Achievement encourages youth through our scholarship program and recognize outstanding community leaders through our annual “Profiles of Prominence.”

Achiever Maudest Walls Stewart, the Founder, was the first National President, nurturing and rejoicing in the fulfillment of her dream. She was a dedicated supporter and worker in the program of the organization.

Chapters have been organized throughout the United States. The Home Office of National Women of Achievement is Houston, TX. The Articles of Incorporation were signed on April 9, 1975, and filed April 10, 1975, in the Office of the Secretary of the State of Texas, County of Harris. The period of duration is perpetual.

The Organization’s Motto is “Excellence and Promotion of Achievement: The Key to Success”.

Bayou City Chapter History

The Bayou City Chapter of Houston was chartered on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, at the National Women Of  Achievement, Incorporated, 18th Biennial National Convention (CON-WOA) held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel-Galleria in Houston, Texas. The visionaries and organizers of this chapter were Achiever Beatrice Mayes, National President (2011-2015), Achiever Jacqueline Davis-Gilmore (Houston Chapter President-elect 2015),

and Ms. Evett Turner.


National Women of

Achievement, Inc.

Bayou City Houston Chapter

Houston, Texas

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