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Houston, Texas

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National Junior Achievers

This was the beginning of our number one National Thrust to implement a strategic plan to encourage Youth (NJA) from the ages of 6 to 12 to strive for excellence, maintain high morale and ethical standards, and to make contributions in career fields of their choice.  The format to organize and develop the Constitutional By-Laws and the Handbook of the Junior Achievers was utilized from the Youth Achievers by Achievers Mildred Woodson (Missouri City Chapter), Beatrice Mayes (Houston Chapter), Mary Guidry (Houston Chapter) and Shirley Hudson (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter).  Achievers who planned the first National Junior Achiever conference July 16-20, 1997, in Fort Worth, Texas with the Theme: “Striving to Make the Impossible, Possibleï” were Harriet Streeter, Youth Director (Houston Chapter), Shirley Hudson-Bell (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter), Pamela Smith (Houston Northwest), and Deborah Powers (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter).  The Acting South Central Region Junior President, Toryn Johnson (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter) was appointed the Presiding Officer for CON-WOA 1997.

National Collegiate Achievers

College students committed to academic success and community service projects at colleges and universities across the nation.

National Youth Achievers

In keeping with the vision of our beloved founder, in 1983, under the administration of Achiever Carrie Davis, an official youth auxiliary if the National Women of Achievement was established, which were GEMS.  In 1989, the National Youth Achievers name was adopted.In 1991, the National Youth Achievers was officially organized under the guidance of Co-Director Achiever Beatrice Mayes, along with Achiever Mildred Woodson and Achiever Willie Kennedy with four charter chapters: Houston, Missouri City, Galena Park and Winston-Salem.  The first president of National Youth Achievers was Youth Achiever Charrise Barron of the Houston Chapter.Between 1991 and 1995, under the leadership of National Director Beatrice Mayes the National Youth Achievers experienced phenomenal growth, expanding from the original four chapters to 20 chapters with over 400 active members across the United States.

National Women of

Achievement, Inc.